(Fantastically answered questions)

1. What is Bushirt?

Bushirt.com, a place that lets you go crazy with emotions. Let it loose, hombres! So go ahead and: Wear what YOU think, Wear what YOU say, and Wear what YOU are.. Coz Its all about Wear Your Emotions!!

The essence behind Bushirt is Wear Your Emotions. We give you the power to voice the unvoiced, express the unexpressed and make explicit what is implicit.

2. Where can I find Bushirt offline?

Bushirt is tying up with various stores near you to make it easier for you to find exactly that fits your emotions. We aim to make fashion democracy the largest democracy in the world.

3. Is Bushirt hiring?

There are no jobs at Bushirt. It's fun 24/7. If you have the whacky quotient and think you can survive among some crazy heads, drop us your resume at contact@bushirt.com. We love to up the crazy quotient at our office, and we will surely contact you.

4. What’s the process to register at Bushirt?

Just click the register button on your right and follow the instructions. As simple as that Bushirt is democracy, not beureaucracy. And it’s free. You could even log in with your Facebook account and Google account; no need to think of another username and password.

5. What about the fabric and printing used for designing t-shirts?

Only the kind which is nothing but the best. We have been into t-shirt manufacturing for more than two decades, and we understand the difference between good and best fabric. The fabric we use for t-shirts are of 190 GSM and "100% combed cotton".  As for printing, it portrays your emotions to the tee (pun intended), and do we need to say it’s of the highest quality.

6. Any special instructions for washing the garment?

Wash them all you want, as long as you keep a few pointers in mind- wash colored tees and white tees separately; do not bleach; and do not apply hot iron on the design directly. Ironing is a part of the washing process.

7. What are the sizes available at Bushirt?

Small (38), Medium (40), Large (42),Extra Large (44), Double Extra Large (46). Of course, the numbers in the brackets are figurative. It depends on what you perceive as small or large.

P.S.-> If you require a special size, let us know. Maybe we can help you out.

8. Do you accept returned goods? Give me a clear picture on your return policy

Quality is our commitment, and if you haven’t received a quality product, immediately send it back to us within 15 days from receiving it. Of course, if it’s bad, we assume you won’t be using it or washing it, isn’t it?

9. I received a faulty t-shirt. Can I return it?

Yes. Return it within 15 days of receipt of product, and you will be refunded with one free t-shirt from our side. But mind you, you will hardly get an opportunity to do so.

10. What about the postal charges for the goods returned?

When it’s our fault, everything is borne by us. We accept our responsibility.

11. How do you accept payment?

We accept online payments via credit cards, debit cards, cash cards, net banking as well as cash on delivery too. We want to make it as easy for you to buy t-shirts from Bushirt. We won’t lie, it’s business for us after all.

12. Do I get the privilege to cancel or change my order?

We can cancel it as long as we haven’t shipped it. Send us your order number with the cancellation request at contact@bushirt.com. Even if we have shipped it, you can still send it back to us and we will refund you the amount. But postal charges may have to be borne by you in this case.

13. I want to keep track of my order status. How do I do that?

If you have an account at Bushirt, you can view your order history in ‘My Account”. If you do not, click ‘Order Invoice’, fill the order number and get the order status mailed to you.

14. What all currencies do you accept?

We deal in Indian rupees as delivery is restricted to India only.

15. The money has been debited from my account but my order has failed. What do I do?

Don’t worry, we won’t make you run from pillar to post. Just send us your order number at contact@bushirt.com, and we will see to it that you get your product asap. Remember, quality is our commitment, and that applies to service too.

16. I want to cancel my order but I have already paid online. Can I still cancel it?

Of course, online or offline, you can always cancel your order and get a refund.

17. What about out-of-stock designs?

Well, emotions are never out of order…you get to wear your emotions anytime you want to. Just drop us a mail and leave the rest to us.

18. Is cash-on-delivery a payment method at Bushirt?

Yes, offcourse we stand by our promises believe in extending our services to the maximum possible. We deliver tshirts to over 3000 places in Cash on Delivery.

19. What about the delivery charges?

What!! Delivery charges? Are you kidding? Delivery is free for our customers with ordering vale more than Rs 300.

20. What’s the time frame for a order to arrive?

Bushirt does not make you wait to wear your emotions. We ship it within two days, and at most times, even less than that, because we hate waiting ourselves too to see you happy, speaking your mind out loud.

Still not happy with our Fantastically answered questions? You can drop us your questions at contact@bushirt.com.

Happy Shopping!